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Planning Before You Plant

Essential Garden Project E-Course

Let's Grow Together

*New Self-Paced Garden E-Course

Planning for new gardens, a home makeover or noticed things just aren't working for your lifestyle? Where and how should you spend your money?

Let's create a project plan and learn how a designer and plant expert can save you time, money and stress.

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Turn Your Garden Project Dreams Into Reality

Let's Grow Together
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Video Lessons 

Professional videos offer both instruction and guidance as you plan your garden project

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Step by Step Exercises 

Step by step guidance and exercises will lead you through your garden project planning process.

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Expert Instructor 

 Taught by our lead garden designer and the same instructor as our in-person seminars and workshops.

We know a garden is so much more than plants, lawns and walkways.

Let's take on your next garden project.

Whether buying a new home and creating new beds , inheriting an older garden, or adding features such as a deck, walkway or outdoor living space, our “Planning Before You Plant” course will give you expert design advice, help you avoid costly mistakes and assist you in realizing your project goals

Interested? Add your name to the waiting list by clicking the link below and get notification when this course launches. 

What you will learn 

  • Learn design, plant and care tips that will save you time, money and stress.

  • Develop your own Essential Garden Project Planner to see your project from Dream to Enjoyment.

  • Learn about the design process and begin creating a garden that fits your lifestyle, not someone else's.

  • Get design and garden theory, not just a how to on planting one type of garden. Become a more confident gardener no matter the project.

Meet Your Instructor,

Joanne Young, Lead Garden Designer

With 30 years of garden consulting and design experience and over 500 hours of garden education experience, Mori Gardens’ Lead Garden Designer Joanne Young has a passion for gardening, nature, and assisting others in having their dream gardens become a “growing” reality.

Designing over 2,000 landscapes of all sizes, for both commercial and residential properties, she loves to see both experienced and novice gardeners get excited about plants and start to see the possibilities that lie undiscovered in their own yards.

Joanne is currently serving her fourth year as President of the Niagara-on-the-Lake Horticultural Society.

Turn Your Garden Project Dreams Into Reality

How Can A Plan & Garden Design Assist You

9 Key Plan & Design Benefits

  • A clear design to plant from  
  • Make choices to fit your life 
  • Avoid costly moving of plants
  • A clear path to reach your goal
  • Plan for unique challenges    
  • View your project at full growth
  • Get advice and guidance
  • Avoids expensive mistakes
  • See your dream become reality 

Let's Bring Your Gardens Dreams To Reality

"Planning Before You Plant'

  • A guided step by step path to reach your goal
  • Discover your unique style, needs and wants
  • Start looking at your property from a new view
  • 4 stages to go from garden dream to enjoyment
  • 3 key steps to installing your new garden  
  • Essential tips on how to care for your new garden
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