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4 in 1 Self-Pollinating Combination includes   Cortland Apple, Gravenstein Apple, Jonathan Apple & Winesap Apple  Espalier  is the horticultural and ancient agricultural practice of controlling woody plant growth for...
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Height:  40 feet Spread:  40 feet Sunlight:      Hardiness Zone:  5a Other Names:  European Horsechestnut Description: A very restrained variety from Europe, valued...
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Height:  60 feet Spread:  45 feet Sunlight:    Hardiness Zone:  6a Other Names:  Common Beech, European Beech Description: A stunning large shade tree...
Height / Width H: 67' W: 17' Latin: Picea Pungens `Glauca' Description: Large Pyramidal Evergreen Green To Bright Blue Needles Great For...
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Height / Width Latin: Description: Widely Known As A Superior Variety Of Dessert Pear Large Yellow Fruit Is Tender And Smooth Textured...
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Height:  20 feet Spread:  30 feet Sunlight:    Hardiness Zone:  5a Other Names:  Wych Elm Description: A very unusual large accent tree with...
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Height/Width H: 30' W: 25' Latin: Sassafras Albidum Description: A Native Tree - With Good Red Fall Colour Unusual, Large Mitten Like...
Height / Width H: 40' W: 15' Latin: Picea Glauca 'Densata' Description: Dense Symmetrical Pyramidal Form A Bit Slower Growing Very Hardy...
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