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Height/Width H: 30" W: 40" Latin: Buxus `Green Velvet' Description: Dark Green Shiny Evergreen Foliage Holds Colour Well Throughout Winter Great For...
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Height/Width H: 6.5' W: 4' Latin: Picea Glauca 'Conica' Description: New Growth Emerges Light Green Needles Darken Into Summer Dense, Compact Pyramid...
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Height/Width H: 4' W: 4' Latin: Cornus Sericea `Farrow' Description: Dwarf Form Of Red Osier Dogwood Known For Its Bright Red Stems...
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Height/Width H: 6" W: 6' Latin: Juniperus Horizontalis `Icee Blue' Description: Light Powdery Blue Foliage Low Spreading Evergreen Groundcover Turns A Plum...
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Height/Width H: 8" W: 7' Latin: Juniperus Procumbens `Nana' Description: Very Fine Light Green Foliage Dense Compact Habit Low Growing Evergreen Groundcover...
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Height:  4 feet Spread:  4 feet Sunlight:    Hardiness Zone:  4a Description: As the name suggests, a compact form of Deutzia suitable for...
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Height:  10 feet Spread:  8 feet Sunlight:      Hardiness Zone:  3b Other Names:  Black Alder Description: A male deciduous holly with an upright...
Height/Width H: 2' W: 4' Latin: Taxus Cuspidata 'Aurea Nana' Description:New growth emerges bright yellow  Older growth is green - Nice two tone...
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Height/Width H: 30" W: 30" Latin: Weigela Florida "My Monet Purple Effect" Description: Variegated Cream And Green Leaves Take On A Purple...
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