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400W High Bay Metal Halide Lamp - Pulse Start - 36,000 Lumens400W6 are 16" diameter8 are 19" diameterUsed to light large store...
Regular price $1,250.00
Our entrance gates have been dismantled and are ready to make their way to their new home.  2 Sets are available Each...
Regular price $25.00
Foldable 2 Step Ladder
Regular price $100.00 Sale $510.00
In just 3 minutes, brew fresh hot coffee. Low profile – fits most countertops. No plumbing needed. Stainless steel tank with copper tubing. Separately...
Regular price $1,200.00 Sale $2,000.00
4ft x 4ft x H3.5ft
Regular price $200.00
200 each or both for 350 3.5ft wide  8ft lenght + curved area. 
Regular price $1,350.00
This gorgeous tree is filled with LED lighting so you don't need many ornaments. If you were in the store this year...
Regular price $450.00
4 Sizes of pavers already stacked on skid and wrapped Each skid is 91.5 Sq/ft Price per skid $450 Price for 2...
Custom Pressure Treated Wood Platforms great for instant walls or tables. When buying multiples - Select the correct product price before choosing...
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