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Height:  50 feet Spread:  45 feet Sunlight:      Hardiness Zone:  4a Description: A large and reliable shade tree with pretty yellow flowers in...
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Height / Width H: 40' W: 40' Latin: Cercidiphyllum Japonicum Description: Beautiful Heart Shaped Blue-Green Leaves Delicate Texture Turns Yellow To Apricot-Orange...
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Height:  20 feet Spread:  30 feet Sunlight:    Hardiness Zone:  5a Other Names:  Wych Elm Description: A very unusual large accent tree with...
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Wood mask, great for wall hanging.  Indoor only. 
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13" x13"
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FELCO 4 One-hand pruning shear | Good performance | Standard model   These pruning shears / secateurs offer powerful leverage so that...
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Inspired by a love of the orchestra, Klaus Kinast has created this water feature masterpiece. Echoes of Shubert’s Water Music and Strauss’s...
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18" x 12"  Painted Concrete Pillar 
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22"x12" Resin Statue 
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