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Ornamental Grasses

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CALAMAGROSTIS KARL FOERSTER ORNAMENTAL GRASSES 15cm 5 1/2" Narrow, upright. Wheat-like heads, long season of interest. Zone 3 Height:  5 feet Spread: ...
Regular price $15.99
HAKONECHLOA MACRA AUREOLA ORNAMENTAL GRASSES 15cm 5 1/2" Bright yellow leaves with green stripes, cascading effect. Slow. Zone 5
Regular price $15.99
HAKONECHLOA MACRA ALL GOLD ORNAMENTAL GRASSES 15cm 5 1/2" Glowing solid gold-leaved selection, dwarf spiky mound. Zone 5
Regular price $14.99
Plant Height:  24 inches Flower Height:  3 feet Spread:  24 inches Sunlight:    Hardiness Zone:  6b Description: Fluffy pink seed heads rise from...
Regular price $19.99 Sale $40.00
Height:  3 feet Spread:  30 inches Sunlight:    Hardiness Zone:  5a Description: Fine textured bright green foliage changes to a golden tan in...
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Plant Height:  3 feet Flower Height:  4 feet Spread:  32 inches Sunlight:      Hardiness Zone:  3a Ornamental Features Shenandoah Reed Switch Grass features...
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Plant Height:  3 feet Flower Height:  4 feet Spread:  3 feet Sunlight:      Hardiness Zone:  5a Other Names:  Japanese Silver Grass Brand:  Darwin...
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