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Designer Plants

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Height/Width H: 5' W: 40" Latin: Buxus X 'Green Mountain' Description: Leathery Dark Green Leaves Retains Colour Well In Winter Shear To...
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Height / Width H: 15' Latin: Description: Different Varieties Of Apples Grown On 1 Tree Therefore No Pollinator Is Required Zone: 5...
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Height / Width Latin: Description: 4 Different Varieties Grafted Onto One Tree Each Branch Is A Different Variety Zone:
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Height/Width H: 5' W: 40" Latin: Buxus 'Green Mountain' Description: Small, Dark Green, Leathery Evergreen Leaves A More Upright Growing Variety Can...
Height/Width H: 4' W: 2' Latin: Pinus Sylvestris `Green Penguin'  Description:A slow growing dwarf variety  Compact habit, with dense, upright branching  Bright...
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Height/Width H: W: Latin: Pinus Sylvestris `Nana' Description: Long Blue Green Needles New Growth Should Be Pruned To Keep Shape Uniform Has...
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Height/Width H: 5' W: 7' Latin: Pinus Mugo Mughus Description: Dark Green, Stiff Needles Has Been Trained Into A Pom Pom Very...
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Height/Width H: 8" W: 7' Latin: Juniperus Procumbens `Nana' Description: Light Green Fine Textured Needles Has Been Staked And Then Pruned Into...
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Height:  7 feet + tree Spread:  7 feet Sunlight:        Hardiness Zone:  4a Other Names:  Winged Euonymus, Burningbush Description: A spectacular and compact...
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