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Height/Width H: 30" W: 40" Latin: Buxus `Green Velvet' Description: Dark Green Shiny Evergreen Foliage Holds Colour Well Throughout Winter Great For...
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Height/Width H: 2'-4' W: 2'-4' Latin: Thija Occidentalis 'Fire Chief' Description: Glowing Orange Year Around Pefect Globe Shaped Evergreen No Clipping Needed...
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Height/Width H: 4' W: 4' Latin: Thuja Plicata 'Whipcord' Description: Long Thread-Like Strands Of Foliage Foliage Is Yellow-Green In Colour An Unusual...
Height/Width H: 6.5' W: 4' Latin: Picea Glauca 'Conica' Description: New Growth Emerges Light Green Needles Darken Into Summer Dense, Compact Pyramid...
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Height/Width H: 2' W: 2' Latin: Picea Abies 'Little Gem' Description: Tiny Dark Green Needles Very Tight, Compact, Globular Form Very Slow...
Height/Width H: 5' W: 40" Latin: Buxus X 'Green Mountain' Description: Leathery Dark Green Leaves Retains Colour Well In Winter Shear To...
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Height/Width H: 30" W: 30" Latin: Thuja Occidentalis 'Mr. Bowling Ball' Description: Dense, Lacy, Threadlike, Blue-Green Foliage Tight Globe Form Rarely Needs...
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Height / Width H: 7' W: 7' Latin: Ilex X Meservae `Berri Magic' Description: Each Pot Contains Both Male And Female Plants...
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Height/Width H: 30' W: 10' Latin: Thuja Plicata 'Green Giant' Description: A Very Fast Growing Cedar Can Grow 2'-3' Per Year Geart...
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