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Deciduous Shrubs

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Height/Width H: 10' W: 8 Latin: Syringa Vulgaris `Agincourt Beauty' Description: Clusters Of Fragrant Single Magenta Purple Flowers Flower Clusters Are Bigger...
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Height/Width H: 24" W: 24" Latin: Hypericum Amdrosaemum 'Albury Purple' Description: Waxy Golden Yellow Flowers Blooms Throughout The Summer Rich Velvety Purple...
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Height/Width H: 5' W: 4' Latin: Physocarpus Opulilfolia 'Amber Jubilee' Description: Leaves Are Colourful Shades Of Yellows & Oranges Leaves Turn Purplish...
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Height/Width H: 5' H: 5' Latin: Hydrangea Arborescens `Annabelle' Description: Large Globular Heads Up To 12" In Diameter Flowers From Mid Summer...
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Height/Width H: 40" W: 40" Latin: Spirea Bumalda `Anthony Waterer' Description: Produces 4"-6" Diameter Flower Clusters Carmine Pink Flowers June And July...
Height/Width H: 4' W: 4' Latin: Cornus Sericea `Farrow' Description: Dwarf Form Of Red Osier Dogwood Known For Its Bright Red Stems...
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Height/Width H: 6' W: 6' Latin: Buddlea Davidii ' Black Knight' Description: Dark Purple Long, Spikes Of Flowers Blooms Mid Summer On...
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Height/Width H: 8' W: 8' Latin: Sambucus Nigra 'Black Lace' Description: A New Variety That Makes A Very Bold Statement Deeply Divided...
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Height/Width H: 5' W: 6.5' Latin: Syringa X Bloomerang Dark Purple Description: Very Fragrant Dark Purple Flowers Blooms Mid Spring Then Blooms...
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