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Height/Width H: 6.5' W: 6.5' Latin: Hydrangea Paniculata `Phantom' Description: Largest Blooms Of All The P.G. Varieties Flowers Open Creamy White And...
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Height/Width H: 20' W: 20' Latin: Magnolia Soulangeana Description: Large Waxy Pink Flowers Fading To White Blooms Early Spring Before Leaves Emerge...
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Height/Width H: 15' W: 10' Latin: Magnolia Soulangiana `Cameo' Description: A Stunning New Variety Outer Petals Are Reddish-Purple Inner Petals Are Light...
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Height/Width H: 13' W: 10' Latin: Magnolia Stellata `Royal Star' Description: Pink Buds Open To Large Fragrant Star-Like Flowers Flowers Begin Pink...
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Height/Width H: 8' W: 5' Latin: Hydrangea Paniculata 'Vanilla Strawberry' Description: Enormous White Flower Panicles Mid Summer Flowers Age To Pink And...
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Height:  15 feet Spread:  10 feet Sunlight:      Hardiness Zone:  5a Group/Class:  Little Girl Series Description: An exceptional shrub with large reddish purple...
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Height / Width H: 26' W: 16' Latin: Syringa Amurensis Japonica Ivory Silk (2 Description: Oval Shaped Compact Tree Large/ Fragrant/ Creamy...
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Height / Width H: 20' W: 10' Latin: Amelanchier Canadensis Description: Native Tree Masses Of White Flowers In Early Spring Grey-Green Leaves...
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Height:  40 feet Spread:  12 feet Sunlight:      Hardiness Zone:  4a Description: A narrow, tightly fastigiate ornamental tree with great form; medium green...
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