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ARMERIA P. BALLERINA LILAC HERITAGE PERENNIALS 11cm 4 1/2" Lilac-pink blossoms, strong stems, broad evergreen leaves. Zone 5
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Height:  26 inches Spacing:  18 inches Sunlight:      Hardiness Zone:  4a Other Names:  False Spirea, Astilbe x arendsii Description: Attractive deep red plumes,...
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ASTILBE A. FANAL HERITAGE PERENNIALS 15cm 5 1/2" Maroon-red plumes, leaves bronze in spring, then green. Zone 3 Plant Height:  18 inches...
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Plant Height:  10 inches Flower Height:  14 inches Spacing:  12 inches Sunlight:      Hardiness Zone:  3a Other Names:  False Spirea Description: This dwarf...
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OPHIOPOGON PL. NIGRESCENS HERITAGE PERENNIALS 11cm 4 1/2" Jet-black grassy leaves, spikes of pale-pink flowers. Slow. Zone 6
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Plant Height:  3 feet Flower Height:  5 feet Spread:  3 feet Sunlight:        Hardiness Zone:  4a Other Names:  Black Snakeroot, Black Cohosh, Cimicifuga...
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CALAMAGROSTIS KARL FOERSTER ORNAMENTAL GRASSES 15cm 5 1/2" Narrow, upright. Wheat-like heads, long season of interest. Zone 3 Height:  5 feet Spread: ...
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Height:  18 inches Spread:  18 inches Sunlight:      Hardiness Zone:  4a Other Names:  Carex glauca Description: A vigorous sedge that can grow in...
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