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Thank you by Tonie Mori

by Antonia Mori
Thank you by Tonie Mori

As of this winter season end 2020 Mori Gardens with close for it's last season. After 45 years growing with Niagara and the wonderful community we have been apart of we would like to thank you for your continued support.  

Message By Tonie Mori "Thank you"

By now, some of you have learned of the news that Mori Gardens is closing at the end of this year. It was approximately 30 years ago I made the decision to purchased Mori Gardens. It has definitely been an adventurous journey for me as an owner of a small business in this great community.

It is the people I have met along the way as well as, this place we continually developed, the events we hosted and supported, and the many gardens we have inspired and assisted that has contributed to all the fond memories.

It will be a hard transition for me to retire from such a rewarding business, however, the time is right and I am looking forward to more involvement in my adventures as co-owner of Perridiso Winery on Warner Road in Niagara on the Lake.

The facts are that Mori Garden’s location was leased. Over the years, I have tried to sever this piece of property (2 acres), to purchase it but I was denied by the Region, as it is sanctioned as green belt and the only way to own it was to purchase the entire 26 acres. The property did sell, at the end of October, and the new owner wanted to land to be vacant.

And therefore, the time has come to close the Garden Centre as we have come to know it. Having said that, certain parts of Mori Gardens will continue.

For me, I am of retirement age. So as Owner and Manager of Mori Gardens retail garden centre, I have decided to venture into the next chapter of my life.

It is not an easy decision for me – to say Goodbye as I retire. Mori Gardens, as an identity, has added so much to my life. It gave me the honour of being of service, to you, our customers, assisting you to add beauty to your surroundings through our great selection of plant material, and sharing our knowledge and resources.

One of our major goals has always been for Mori Gardens, to be your go-to place for expertise, so that you could appreciate the full benefits of your garden, your oasis.
And most importantly, over these years, I have had the bounty of forming many wonderful friendships and partnerships that are very dear to me. That I treasure.

Small communities need each other for support. As a small local business, I have really tried to give back to the community of Niagara on the Lake.
Mori Gardens has supported and sponsored many events and made contributions to Palliative Care, Wells of Hope, Rotary, Wellspring Niagara, Niagara College, Red Roof, the Town of Niagara on the Lake, Horticultural Society, Pumphouse, Shaw Festival, and more.

Mori Gardens has been part of my life for almost 30 years. My two children, Anisa and Miguel grew up in the business. Miguel still remains connected as my Growth Manager involved in marketing and growth strategies. My dedicated and knowledgeable staff, some have been at my side for over 20 years. My sister Joanne Mantini and her family, Joanne Young, sharing her expertise in design and plant knowledge. Marla Rockwell, Vicky Freeman, Mike King, just to name a few. Over the years I have employed many people who have used the knowledge they gained here as a stepping stone to their next career and it has been a privilege to be a part of their journey.

It is a bittersweet moment, to say you are retiring, especially for me. Excited about the future at the same time mourning a loss of a role that has meant a great deal to me.

I have greatly appreciated the wonderful messages, photos and stories from our beautiful community and those that have stopped in. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for the pleasure of serving you.
Tonie Mori

More information will continue to be released during the coming weeks.
Mori Gardens will continue to open it's door until the end of the winter season. 

We appreciate your support.
If you have comments, stories or pictures you would like to share,
they are always welcome and can be sent to

If you have questions please contact our Mori Gardens team.

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