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IRON EARTH: natural soil conditioner

by Miguel Mori
IRON EARTH: natural soil conditioner


Add IRON EARTH™ to your soil to re-mineralize your garden.

Approved for Organic use by CSI.

IRON EARTH™ is an exciting new product for all plants, gardens and lawns. It is a natural soil conditioner that is optimal for plant growth and health. Rejuvenates mineral deficient soil! A difference you can taste and feel! Thick grass, flavourful produce and vibrant colours!

What is IRON EARTH™?

Most growing soil is depleted of minerals and does not contain nature's perfect mix as it did years ago.

The lack of minerals in our soil plays an important role in the health and life of plants, animals and humans. Essential nutrients are lost in fruits and vegetables when the soil is not replenished. Today’s growing soil is not enriched with minerals as it was hundreds of years ago.

IRON EARTH™ is a natural soil conditioner that re-mineralizes soil, replacing the lost minerals, resulting in healthier and more nutritious plants. With the use of IRON EARTH™, minerals are passed through the soil to the plant to the consumer, helping to fight common mineral deficiencies and promote good health as nature intended.

IRON EARTH™ is 100% natural and contains no artificial chemicals. IRON EARTH™ is completely safe for the environment.

Did you know...
Soil re-mineralizers go by many names and are commonly called rock dust, rock powder, stone dust, rock flour, garden dust or mineral fines.

A soil re-mineralizer is comprised of finely crushed rock, packed full of trace minerals, micronutrients, fulvic & humic acids and other beneficial microbes that plants thrive on, and humans need to sustain a healthy, mineral rich diet.

Why use IRON EARTH™?
IRON EARTH™ is a single product that contains the richest and purest natural earth bound elements. These elements will restore and optimize your soil to produce flavourful fruits and vegetables that taste great and are nutritious as nature intended. Remarkable abundance with tomatoes, kale, lettuce, zucchini, carrots, beans and others. Size is remarkable with some of the plant types as well. Flowers grow abundantly throughout the season and are very strong. Everything you grow, you can yield more of using IRON EARTH™, we guarantee it.

The fresh, great tasting natural foods, herbs and plants you can enjoy using IRON EARTH™ cannot be matched.

Vegetable Gardens and Vegetable Farms
Give your vegetables a mineral boost using IRON EARTH™ Soil Re-mineralizer! Grow the healthiest plants as well as the most nutritious produce by giving your plants and vegetables IRON EARTH™ as directed. You will have the most colourful plants and flavourful vegetables. Your vegetables will be talked about by family, friends and neighbours.

Flower Pots, Flower Beds and Botanical Gardens
If you want to be the envy of your neighbourhood, start your plants with IRON EARTH™. This mineral rich rock dust will rejuvenate your garden giving your plants and flowers vibrant colour and lush leaves.

Fruit Trees and Fruit Farms
Fruit and berry trees thrive when provided mineral rich IRON EARTH™. Enjoy tasty, nutritious fruit and grow strong, healthy trees that are able to endure challenging climates and conditions. IRON EARTH™ re-mineralizes and conditions the soil, enabling plants and trees to complete a better growth cycle.

If you’re looking to produce more flavourful grapes and wine, just add IRON EARTH™ at the plant and root level. You will witness incredible, positive changes to your grape vines!

IRON EARTH™ is helpful to more than just plants! When you add IRON EARTH™ to your lawn, you're adding a natural soil conditioner, which will produce thicker roots, as well as stronger, thicker grass.

IRON EARTH™ works for trees, as well as plants. For the best results, apply IRON EARTH™ to the soil. By adding IRON EARTH™ to your orchard, you are adding a natural soil conditioner, which will produce thicker roots. For even better results, add IRON EARTH™ when seeding and planting the trees.

Grassland, Pastures and Livestock
IRON EARTH™ is a natural soil conditioner that can help organic farmers reach “organic status”. IRON EARTH™ is an organic soil re-mineralizer that actually adds lost minerals back into the soil. Use IRON EARTH™ instead of chemical based fertilizers to have lush green plants, and flavourful produce.

Economic Benefits
IRON EARTH™ improves yield, quality and growing cycles. Hands down IRON EARTH™ pays for itself, seeing and tasting is believing!

Soil can be replanted without interruption. When IRON EARTH™ is used at planting it re-mineralizes the plant and soil year over. Therefore, capacity is increased and maximum use of planting area is consistently utilized. Soils become repleted not depleted at time of planting. 

Frequently Asked Questions  

When is a good time to plant your garden?

The best time to plant your garden is three days after the average last frost date. Environment Canada publishes the average last frost date for zones. Check out the Environment Canada website for details.

How much is in one scoop of IRON EARTH™?

1 scoop of IRON EARTH™ is equal to 2 tablespoons.

What is the goal of IRON EARTH™?

The goal of IRON EARTH™ is to revitalize the soil at the location of the plant's root system, providing greater bounty and healthier plants and foods.

Is IRON EARTH™ all-natural?

Yes! IRON EARTH™ is an all-natural substance that is mined from one of the richest natural mineral mines in the world. IRON EARTH™ contains up to 76 organically bound earth elements including humic acids, fulvic acids, amino acids, amino sugars, peptides and more!

What types of results will I get if I use IRON EARTH™?

The most incredible results are achieved using IRON EARTH™ when growing plants and vegetables from seed. Healthier plants, vegetables and fruits, larger plants, more flavourful produce, thicker lawns and longer lasting cut flowers are the end results.

Can IRON EARTH™ be used in a greenhouse environment?

Absolutely! As a greenhouse grower you have multitude of variables to consider – indoor/outdoor environmental conditions, stage of development, water analysis, nutrient leaching, light, temperature, humidity, growing media etc. The effective management of these variables leads to decreased labour costs, energy costs, and higher yields, which all add up to higher ROI.

For questions please email or call 9054687863.

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