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An Evergreen Tradition

by Miguel Mori
An Evergreen Tradition

An Evergreen Tradition

There is no such thing as perfect. This is what I must remind myself every single year when it comes time to choose my fresh Christmas tree. Still, when it comes to selection, I agonize over just the right height, I agonize over just the right height, shape, colour - really the list is endless

So, how do you know which tree is perfect for you? Start by considering your household. If you’ve got little ones around,pine and fir trees have softer needles than say, spruce trees whose sharp needles can hurt when you get one in the foot.

Measure the height and width of the space you’d like to place your tree. Don’t forget to include the height of your tree stand

Line the inside of your vehicle or the bed of your truck with an old tarp or sheet to protect it from tree sap and needles. Bring utility gloves to spare your fingers.

Test your tree for freshness. Make sure it’s not dropping lots of needles when you give a branch a shake, look for even colour. Pine needles should be flexible when you bend them and fir needles will snap. Check the trunk for a slight stickiness.

Once you get the tree home, saw off half an inch from the trunk and get the tree in water as soon as possible after that.This will freshen the trunk for better absorption.

Find the coolest, driest spot in your home for the tree. Avoid placing the tree near a heating vent or fireplace.

Keep your tree stand full of water. You may find that the tree is extra thirsty when you first bring it home and will need water added every other day.

I remember years ago, my husband at the time took me to a local tree farm. It was our first Christmas together, and we were both wildly enthusiastic. The farm was as picturesque and charming as you might imagine, and our cheeks were rosy with holiday cheer.

First we got lost in the woods. Then my husband ruined the wool coat I bought him trying to saw down the tree we’d chosen. (We were city folk, what can I say?) Finally, after sweating and grunting over attempting to hack down the tree, my husband flicked hiss now-covered (bare) hands and his wedding band went soaring through the air, landing somewhere in the snow with a soft thunk. We had to make the trek back the next day with a metal detector and miraculously found the darned thing.

All this to say that one tree farm adventure was enough for my lifetime. Give me a takeout mug of hot something or other and a stroll through the bedecked wonderland of the Mori Gardens centre and you’ll see my holiday spirit shine. It’s a family tradition; we get the kids involved in selection, and it always ends with a gorgeous fresh tree, acozy evening sipping cocoa and listening to our favourite carols, and a home filled with the delightful fragrance of evergreen.

After all, the lasting traditions are usually the simplest ones.

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