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A New Garden Resolution

by Miguel Mori
A New Garden Resolution

A New Garden Resolution

By Catharine Skinner

What if?

What if we gave up on resolutions before we even made them?

Resolutions always seem punitive. They imply sacrifice and deprivation. Sure, we all want to be better people, but instead of focusing on denying ourselves or putting ourselves through the paces, perhaps we ought to shine a light on all of those things that make us feel full, and alive.

If you’re reading this, it’s a safe guess that you love the beauty of nature. Getting your hands into the earth, sowing seeds, tending to plants, or vegetables, or flowers. Maybe you’ve been dreaming of how to transform that little corner of your garden into something special.

This could be the year

This could be the year that you start on that new garden project. Stop settling for a backyard you don’t enjoy being in, or that doesn’t suit your lifestyle. You can finally get the expert advice you need to start the year focused on creating space that you’ll love. Create an oasis, a green playground, the quintessential outdoor living space or an attractive barrier for privacy. Plant that culinary garden you’ve been dreaming of.

Tending to your love of gardening offers many rewards.

Consider the benefits of finally creating a backyard patio and outdoor entertaining area. You’ll eat out less and save money, because your space will demand to be filled with summer evening suppers. You’ll be more active as you tend to the garden and keep your plants looking well-loved. You’ll create a sense of harmony and peace as you commune with your own little patch of nature. There’s even opportunity for more creativity in your life if you get hands on with the design process.

Stop Fertilizing

If you apply fertilizers (organic or synthetic), it's helpful to stop at the onset of a drought. Fertilizers encourage plant growth; the more a plant grows, the more moisture it needs. If fertilizer salts build up in your soil because they're not naturally leaching out with rain or irrigation, they can build up and burn plant roots, causing further damage.

Mori Gardens can help make this the year you focus on things that enrich your life.

We want you to step into the New Year by taking your first steps on the garden projects and problems you’ve been putting off, and our team can help you create a plan. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing; it can be a process, one that carries you through the year, and our team can assist you through it.

We’ve got complimentary consultations available with our knowledgeable and friendly staff, whether you’re designing for the first time or the fifth. We can help you learn a new skill, find your green thumb, and help you choose planters that compliment your style, or the perfect tree to commemorate a special milestone or occasion in the coming year.

Resolve to fill your heart with joy in the year to come.

Get messy and creative, bring your loved ones together to enjoy the fruits of your labour, fill your home with fresh flowers that you’ve lovingly tended. Treat yourself to the rewards of time spent in the garden, and see just how many benefits you’ll reap from reflecting on how you want to feel instead of how you want to change.

Let's talk about your gardening goals, ask a question below, contact Mori Gardens at (905) 468-7863 or book an no-obligation appointment through our simple scheduler at

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