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5 Ways to Make an Inherited Garden Your Own

by Miguel Mori
5 Ways to Make an Inherited Garden Your Own

5 Ways to Make an Inherited Garden Your Own

Part of the joy of buying a new home is claiming it as your own. Homeowners can count on transforming interiors, and perhaps tackling some renovation, but what about existing landscaping and garden space?
How can you put your unique stamp on an inherited garden?

1. Evaluate the space

Take a critical look at your outdoor space. Consider factors like sun versus shade, the health and stability of existing trees and shrubs, the sturdiness of any architectural features like retaining walls. Identify existing plants by allowing for one full year of blooming to see what comes up. There are several apps available to quickly identify what’s growing in your garden, or you can snap some photos and visit us at Mori Gardens, where one of our experienced staff can help.

2. Make a wish list

As you see what you’ve got to work within your outdoor space, allow yourself to start dreaming of how you’d like to use it. Do you like to cook and eat outdoors during lazy summer days? You may want to create an outdoor kitchen or dining area in your inherited garden. Would you like to see more cozy corners for quiet conversation and contemplation? In creating a wish list, think of how your garden can complement your lifestyle. Then, start to compile a list of the features you’d like to add to your oasis along with any plants or trees that could make excellent additions.

3. Define your style

During this dreaming phase of reclaiming your inherited garden, collect images of other gardens that delight you. As you do this, you’ll start to see some trends emerging. Perhaps you’re a minimalist who favours simple lines and subtle colour. Or, maybe you love the look of a slightly rambling cottage style garden. Keep in mind the architecture of your home, and think about how your garden style will enhance or highlight the design of your house.

4. Create a budget

Once you have a clearer picture of how you can personalize your inherited garden, take a look at your budget, and decide what you can allot to improving your outdoor space. Gardening is an on-going process. Each year you can add new elements, and make changes that suit your evolving life. If you’re not sure where to focus your resources, book some time with one of our garden designers who can advise on where your money is best spent.

5. Create a plan

Give yourself permission to play as you sketch out your yard on some graph paper. Add in the existing features. Play with how you might make changes or additions. Gather all of your inspiration files - that Pinterest board you've been curating, and those magazine clippings you've gathered. Then come and sit down with us. Our garden designers will help by creating a to-scale design you can follow at your own pace. We'll incorporate your vision and style while adding value to your property and help you with tree, shrub and perennial recommendations to make the most of your budget and your style. As your garden begins to grow, you can fill it in with annuals, rather than overcrowding with more perennials. And finally, be sure to take the time to enjoy all of your hard work.

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With a bit of attention, some dreaming and some research, transforming an inherited garden can go from a daunting chore to a delightful hobby.

Take advantage of Mori Gardens for helpful advice about design, planning, and planting. We’ll help you select plants that suit your skill level and your unique space, and help you stay within your budget, while leaving room for additions in the years to come.

As your new house grows with you and feels like a space to call home, so too will your inherited garden.

With 45 years of experience growing with Niagara, Mori Gardens award winning design service is here to turn your property dreams into your ideal gardens. Let's create something beautiful together.

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