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1-Year Guarantee

by Antonia Mori

Our 100% One Year Guarantee  

Our nursery stock will grow, if properly handled, planted and after care is maintained. We will replace once, for the amount paid before taxes with an in-store credit voucher. No cash refund. This guarantee is subject to the presentation of receipt and dead plant. This guarantee does not apply to roses and large fruit trees, due to climatic conditions. They will be guaranteed 100% for the current growing season only.

PLEASE call before you dig* (905) 468-7863

• The ‘One Year’ Plant Guarantee is subject to the presentation of your receipt and the dead nursery stock. Your receipt may be held in our system, please inquire before digging.
• The purchaser agrees to follow proper planting, maintenance, watering frequency and winter protection.
• We will replace your dead nursery stock with a one-time in-store ‘Credit Voucher’, for the amount paid before taxes, for guaranteed plants that died within one year from the purchase date.
• ‘Credit Voucher’ can be used on replacement plant material, gifts or services (difference in the purchase prices may apply). ‘Credit Voucher’ purchases will not be guaranteed, except for the ‘Your Ideal Garden – Plant Warranty’.

Guaranteed Materials  

We believe our plants to be of superior quality and health. We offer our One Year Guarantee on all our plant material, excluding the following; Roses, Bare Root stock, Perennials, Annuals, and Borderline Zone-Hardy plant material.

• Material that are Borderline Zone-Hardy the Niagara Region are guaranteed for the full growing season only, ending November 30.
• Roses are guaranteed for the duration of the first growing season, ending November 30.
• Small Fruits, Perennials, Grasses, Clematis, Annuals, Grapes and tropical or indoor plant materials are NOT guaranteed.
• The guarantee does not apply to above-ground planters, sod, bulbs, seeds, customer plants which have been transplanted or ‘final sale’ items. 

Guarantee Disclaimer  

• Plants purchased on sale are guaranteed for the sale price before taxes only.
• In no case shall Mori Gardens Inc. be liable for more than the amount of the original purchase price.
• We do not guarantee against losses due to vandalism, theft, mechanical or chemical injury, animal damage, pest damage, neglect, improper care or severe weather conditions beyond our control.

We’re Here To Help You Create Your Ideal Garden  

We’re Here To Help You Create Your Ideal Garden

Would you like information on planting tips?
Are you experiencing difficulties with your garden due to weather, soil quality, pests, or disease?

Please contact our garden experts before you dig.
We are happy to chat, provide expert opinions, planting information, seminar invitations, home inspections and one-on-one training as requested.
Our goals is to help you create your ideal garden from dream to enjoyment!

Let’s create something beautiful!
For questions, tips & tricks or advice call us (905)468-7863 

Your Ideal Garden – Plant Warranty  

Mori Gardens offers exceptional plants that are healthy at the time of purchase.
Under any of the following circumstances and upon presentation of the plant in question and its’ receipt we will replace the plant (nursery stock) you have purchased with an equivalently valued plant:

1. Your plant fails to leaf-out in the year you purchase it, after following proper planting and water instructions.
2. Your plant succumbs to a disease which in our opinion it had when purchased.
3. Your plant is not the variety it was purported to be.

Planting Instructions

These easy steps must be followed to insure healthy growth of your trees and shrubs. Failure to do so may void any guarantee.

• Prepare hole twice as wide as container and a few inches deeper.
• Mix your original soil with a good quality soil such as triple mix (ratio should be roughly 50:50). When planting in a clay soil, care must be taken to break-up clumps. Backfilling with clumpy soil will create air pickets therefore causing roots to dry out and die. Adding one or two handfuls of bone meal into your soil mixture will greatly help improve root growth.
• Put some of your mixed soil in the bottom of the hole and pack it down a bit. Next place the shrub or tree into the hole. The container can be left on at this point as you judge the proper depth, which should be only slightly higher than existing grade.
• Remove the container and return the shrub into the hole and backfill. Water as needed; moist roots grow, water-logged or dry roots die.

* Note: Shade trees require two stakes for the first year.  

The following plant material needs winter protection.

Please ask for details on the winterizing of zone 6b-7 plants and for strategic planting locations.

Fine Leaf Japanese Maples, Magnolias, Azaleas, Rhododendrons, Tender Fruit, Butterfly Bush, Rose of Sharon. 

For planting in most soils:

1. Dig a hole 1.5 times wider and a few inches deeper than the pot, then add triple-mix to the removed soils
Amending the soil is recommended at this time, depending on soil type and pH.
2. Remove the plant from the pot. Gently roughen the root ball with your fingers to loosen the roots.
3. Gently rub a Mori Gardens recommended root stimulant fertilizer around the root ball.  A bone meal slow release pellet is recommended to spread in the hole.
Place plant at centre of hole.
4. Place the root in the hole so that the top comes level with the ground.
Fill with the amended soil mix, pack firmly then water thoroughly.
A bone meal slow release pellet is recommended to spread on top of the soil surrounding the plant, to be watered in over the coming weeks.
Apply Mulch.  

For planting in clay:

1. In clay soils, make the hole larger and raise the ground level about 2 inches.
2. In clay soils, raise the height before placing the plant in position.
3. In clay soils, mulching the surface will help improve soil texture.  

Recommendations for the successful planting and care of nursery stock

Fibre Pot: Water the plant thoroughly before planting. Slice down the sides of the pot before placing the plant into the prepared site. As you fill the soil around the plant, slide the sides away so the soil around the root ball isn’t lost.

Balled in Burlap: Always untie the burlap or twine from the main stem. Fold back burlap to expose the top of the ball.

Plastic Pot: Water well and remove from the pot. If the roots have filled the pot, use your hands to loosen the roots on the sides and the bottom.  

Tips For Planting

Plant as soon as possible. If your planting is delayed, it is important to guard against moister loss. If necessary, store plants in a shady, wind protected area (not in a garage) and keep the root area evenly moist.

Handle plants gently. Use the container or root ball to move plants. Never hold the plant itself. Be sure to place your plants in the preferred growing environment.

Use a good soil mix. A Triple Mix (equal parts: topsoil + compost + peat moss) is recommended

Soil amendments. Adding manure, organic compost, peat moss, bone meal, lime etc. either as a soil conditioner or as fertilizers, can improve the quality and drainage of the soil.  

Tips For Watering

Establish healthy plants. Plants purchased in pots can dry out quickly in the garden. It takes several weeks for the roots to extend beyond the original soil ball. Frequent watering is necessary to avoid plant wilt.

Deep watering encourages a deep root system, and a more drought tolerant plant.

Deep watering means a long, slow, and thorough watering, leaving the hose at the base of the plant for several minutes with a slow to moderate flow. Continue this deep watering every few days until the plant is well established and growing.

Fall & Water. In the fall, be sure to water evergreens well before freezing weather. Water when the soil feels dry to the tough 2 – 3” (5 – 7cm) down to the root area.  

Tips For Mulching

Mulching around plants. Apart from the pleasing appearance, mulch retards weed growth and retains moisture. Roots are kept cool in the summer and insulated in the winter. Some examples of mulch are bark chips and shredded wood. 

With 45 years of experience growing with Niagara, Mori Gardens award winning design service is here to turn your property dreams into your ideal gardens. Let's create something beautiful together.

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