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Fall Rose Care

by Miguel Mori
Fall Rose Care

Leave this chore until the Spring.
We'll discuss why not to prune your roses in the Fall.

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Roses Are Slow To Go Dormant 

Many roses are slow to go dormant, however when they do want to go to bed for the winter we want to avoid waking them back up and encouraging additional growth. Pruning inspires additional growth and may cause energy needed in the roots to remain in the branches during this dormant period causing damage to your shrub. 

Instead let the flower naturally finish, signaling to the rose that it is time to go dormant for the season. 

For more information watch the video above. 

Protecting Your Roses In Late Fall

Hilling up roses is an optional care method of insulating your tender graft area of the shrub using soil. A common mistake is to hill up too early in the season. Remember, your rose should be finished and going dormant for the season before hilling up. Wait until the ground freezes, then hill up to insulate your rose. This will keep your rose dormant through any fluctuations in the weather. 

For more information watch the video above.

What can you prune now

Minimal pruning can be done in the fall for any dead, diseased or broken branches. If a branch is causing harm or in the way, such as a walkway or touching the house, use selective pruning where needed and avoid if possible. 

For more information watch the video above.

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