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Why you shouldn't prune plants in the fall

by Miguel Mori
Why you shouldn

Leave the pruning until the Spring.

In this video, we'll talk about why Fall pruning should be kept to minimal needs only and how it can negatively affect the health of your plants.

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Reason 1: Losing Energy & Flower Buds

The energy and food that exists in the leaves and branches has not returned to the roots of the plant at this point. By pruning, you may lose sap and energy that will lower a plant's vigor to grow in the Spring. 

In addition, as early blooming shrubs set their buds in the Fall. By pruning in the Fall you will lose those blooms in the spring. 

For more information watch the above video.

Reason 2: More Die Back 

By opening wounds in the plants late in the year, plants will not have the time to heal over before the colder dormant season causing you to see more die back on the tips of these plants. This could lead to further insect and disease problems.

For more information watch the above video.

Reason 3: Waking Up Your Plant 

Pruning promotes growth in your plants during a season you wish for your plants to be dormant and go to sleep. This new growth will have a much harder time to get through the colder season. 

For more information watch the above video.

Cleaning Up Your Yard

Of course you can clean up some areas. Those branches that are in the way, touching your home, or may be damaged from the year. However, keep your hard pruning to a minimum and wait until Spring to do this task. 

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