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Bringing Tropical Plants Inside

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Bringing Tropical Plants Inside

It's time to bring your tropical and house plants inside.
Here are our steps to when, why and how you should care for your plants over winter or when transitioning from outside to inside. 

For more information about fall garden care, visit our advice page. 

When: Bring your plants in earlier than later

Don't risk the frost and risk low temperatures. Try to bring plants while night time temperatures are still above 10 degrees celsius. This will allow plants to go through less of a shock when transitioning. 

For more information watch the video above. 

What: Spray soil and plant for insects and mold 

Use an insecticide on your soil to avoid bringing insects into your home or to other house plants. Spray and clean leaves for those plants that you may have visibly seen insects on.

You can also use lime sulfur to avoid mold and fungus and remember to take off any yellowing leaves to give your plant the best start inside. 

For more information watch the video above.

What: Water and refresh your plants 

Give your plants a good soak and then let them dry. Your air will be dryer inside and will wick water away. Allow your plants to get moisture to ease the stress caused by the transitioning from coming inside. 

For more information watch the video above.

Remember: Your plants will go through a transition

Try to keep your plants in the same conditions as they were when outside. Remember your plants will go through a transition phase due to changes in water, light and sun. Avoid giving fertilizers during this time to allow plants to adjust and become happy in their new environment. You can fertilize in the new year as you get your plants ready for the new season. 

For more information watch the video above.

If you have questions contact our Mori Gardens team.
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